Skilled Professionals

Skilled Regional Provisional (Subclass 489)
This visa allows you and your family members to live and work in a specified state/territory/region of Australia for four years without any restrictions on type of work or number of hours you can work.
This visa leads to permanent immigration after two years once you or your spouse has stayed in the nominating state/territory/region for two years out of total four years and worked one year full time. There is no restriction in terms of type of work.
You can get this visa with the nomination of a State Government or Sponsorship by your relative in Australia. You get 10 extra points on the points table for either State or Territory Government Nomination or for a Relative Sponsorship living in Australia.
Am I Eligible?
To check if you are eligible to apply for this visa provide your brief information and CV on the link below. One of our expert immigration consultants will review your file personally and we will guide you about the steps involved, step by step costs and rough estimate of processing time at each stage of application.
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