CANADA WELCOMES 1 Million New Immigrants

November 1, 2017 – Canada plans to welcome 980,000 new immigrants over the next three years under an ambitious 3-year Canada immigration plan announced by the federal government today.
as 360,000 by 2020 under the multi-year plan.
Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen described the announcement as ‘historic’, as the government outlines its plan for the next three years, featuring managed increases across all categories.

In 2018, the immigration target will rise to 310,000, from the current 300,000 set for 2017. This target could rise to as much as 330,000 under the latest announcement.
In 2019, the target will be 330,000, with an upper limit of 350,000 new immigrants.
In 2020, the target figure will be 340,000, and the upper limit 360,000.

The ambitious plan will drive up immigration numbers to historic levels as the government pushes the annual number of newcomers towards 1 per cent of Canada’s population a target first used by the Liberals in the early 1990’s. The current levels of 300,000 correspond into an immigration rate near .82.
The managed increases are designed to allow Canada’s integration capacity to grow with the number of new immigrants being welcomed.
Canada’s Immigration Plan: Main Targets

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